About  my Glass Beads:
Each bead is carefully made by hand to reach perfection.
They each tell a special story. No two are alike. They are one of a kind art.
My beads are heated in extremely high temperature and then annealed in a Kiln oven for
better glass durability. I work with Moretti (Effetre) Glass and German Lauscha.  
About  my Jewelry designs:
My work contains a collection of Lampwork glass jewelry  combined with 
the  finest variety of materials.
I combine my glass beads with Gemstones, Swarovski crystals, Silver, 
Gold-filled and Leather.
My goal is to create unique jewelry, fine-looking and glamorous, stylish and contemporary.
Every jewel is created with most care and attention.
It is very important to me to create quality and harmony both in my works and in my life.
My Art is inspired  by the beauty of Nature and by the landscape that surrounds me 
along with the spectacular Mediterranean sights.